Schedule for the Future School

Every class should meet for 2 hours a day, twice a week, except for foreign language and gym, which are half an hour everyday but fridays.


Math: is a full year leveled course which meets 2 hours at a time twice a week, preferably with a 10 minute break in the middle, because quite frankly people shouldn’t be expected to do two hours straight of math with no breaks.


For Science, English, and History: Not all students will be expected to know the same things about science, because the classes will be focused on going in depth in specific areas, so the students can serve as a useful reference about those specific areas later in life. Some classes will be taught half the year, and some will be taught all year depending on the amount of material that needs to be covered. Leveled classes in some areas, as well as classes with prerequisite other classes, should be offered. At least one class from each one of these categories should be taken at nearly all times, but additional classes from anyone of these categories can be taken during a student’s 2 arts/tech/additional class block.


Science: all science classes should be electives chosen by the student, but the choices must be approved by the students guidance councilor to insure that the most basic skills are learned before graduation.


English: most english classes should be electives so students can choose books and areas of literature they are interested in studying, but a basic skills class should be required.


History/psychology: most history and psychology classes should be electives. However a class on the history of the country where the school is located should be mandatory and include the information students will need to be informed citizens and pass a citizenship test (even if they are already citizens, it’s just a benchmark of how much they should know).


Foreign Languages: should be taken for half an hour everyday except fridays so that students don’t forget material. Students choose their foreign language. Additional foreign languages should be offered as before or after school activities.


Gym: students choose on a daily basis if they would like to play a game, do yoga, or just go for a walk. Gym is at the start of each day for half an hour except for fridays.


Art/tech/additional class: A student has two of these, they can be filed with an art class, a class about computers, or an additional elective from one of the other categories. All classes in the blocks are electives except for one or two computer use and programming classes. Some arts and technology courses may be leveled or have prerequisites. Most will be one semester classes but some may be full year.


Fridays: each week a different block will take students on a field trip to a relevant location or event, or do a full day, in school activity. These full day activities would allow for the class to bond and have fun as well as have learning experience not possible in a 2 hour block.


Lunch: should be 45 minutes long or preferably an hour, this would help students relax and not have to scarf down there food if the cafeteria had long lines. Students could also use some of this time to meet with teachers or there guidance councilor and work on schoolwork if necessary.

Homework: students should ideally not receive more than 45 minutes of homework a night. They hypothetical students are already spending 8 hours in school and they should have time to pursue their own out of school interests.


Schedule: school should start around 9. Admittedly I am a teenager and most of my friends and myself tend to get up around 10 when we have the chance, but if school started at 11 it wouldn’t end until 7 which is a massive inconvenience. A 9 o’clock start time is still a huge improvement of my school’s start time of 7:45 making it so I have to get up at 6:20 to catch the bus.